LGBT Services

We work with all clients on the LGBTQ spectrum, providing individual, couples and family counseling on general mental health issues such as depression, self-esteem or anxiety, PTSD and trauma or abuse recovery, and issues more specific to this community such as coming out to family or work, building support networks, relationship and sexuality issues, living with HIV/AIDS, and issues related to gender transitioning. Approximately one third of our clients are somewhere on the spectrum and the majority of those clients are transsexuals. Transsexuals are individuals who experience gender dysphoria, which is a condition where the gender that they identify with conflicts with the gender they were born with.

Transgender Letter Services

At Kahl Counseling we adhere to the WPATH suggested guidelines for therapists. Generally speaking, letters of recommendation for hormones are provided for clients after working together for three months or twelve sessions. If you are unable to come into our office we would be happy to work with you over the phone or on Skype. After we’ve worked together for three months and we’ve provided you with a letter for you to begin hormones treatment, we'll continue to meet once a month for six months to ensure you’re stabilized on your meds and you’re happy with their effects.  We also maintain contact with your prescribing physician during this time.

After stabilizing on hormones, we'll be happy to continue working with you throughout your transition in order to provide you with further supportive counseling, psychotherapy or letters for FFS or top or bottom surgeries.

If you come to Kahl Counseling for letters for hormones or surgeries, our work together will be a combination of therapy and consultation. We've developed a format for our work with transsexuals which covers all the WPATH recommendations regarding both eligibility and readiness. You are also always encouraged to utilize us for treatment of depression, anxiety, family issues, or any other mental health issues you may be experiencing.

We take our work with all of our clients very seriously. If you are our client you can expect us to be fully committed to your mental and physical health and well-being. If you're seeking a letter for hormones or surgeries, your physician or surgeon will receive a lengthy, thorough professional letter of recommendation which will more than meet your his or her criteria. We also provide all our clients with copies of their letters which they tell us they appreciate having for their personal records.

Please contact us for a free ten minute consult so we may answer any questions you have and determine how we can work best together. We provide free consultations on the phone or Skype or in our West Lawn office.


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